The lights are too bright when you want to rest…
The lights are too yellow when you want to work …
I want to prepare dinner, but the lighting always makes the atmosphere wrong
Why can’t we adjust the lighting in our home as we wish?

I think you need an Evledev Smart Light Bulb.

There are plenty of reasons to invest in an Evledev smart light bulbs, but here are six of the biggest:

Save your money

It can save you money. One of the biggest benefits of smart lighting is that it can save you money on your energy bill.

If you’re using traditional lighting fixtures, you’re probably using a lot of energy. Want to save money on your energy bill? Install Evledev smart light bulb! This technology allows you to control the intensity of the light bulbs individually, meaning you can adjust the intensity of the light to suit your needs. It can save you up to 30% on your energy bill.

Use the Evledev smart light bulb as a security light.

The Evledev smart bulb allows you to use it as a security light.
Keep your home safer by using the Evledev smart bulb as a security light. Set it to stay on when you leave or give your family or guests peace of mind by turning it on when they arrive.

When you are traveling abroad, use the APP to remotely turn on the Evledev samrt light bulbs in your home to create the feeling that someone is at home, it can prevent burglars from entering the house.

Innovations in lighting to your home

The Evledev smart light bulb brings the latest innovations in lighting to your home. With the Evledev smart LED bulb, you have complete control of your lights from anywhere in the world via the smart light bulb App. Create a mood with soft white or change colors to match your mood, or set a sleep timer, so you never forget to turn off your lights.

multicolor bulb

Dimmable Smart bulb

Brighten up your home with the Smart WiFi LED light bulb. Dimmable, multi-colored, and controlled by your smartphone, it’s a simple, affordable way to create vibrant lighting and ambiance in any room. Set brightness and light temperature from warm to cool white on this Smart WiFi light. The selected light can be dimmed before switching on. No need to worry about forgotten switch off with the smart bulbs too! You can turn off your lights even when you’re not at home. That’s a perfect solution for saving energy!

Change your room ambience via simple voice instructions

Evledev smart light bulb works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to support dimming through voice control. It requires a secured 2.4 GHz WiFi network connection, and smart WiFi bulb compatible with Android or iOS smartphones. Have fun customizing your lighting experience with 16 million colors and shades of white light, set timers and light schedules, auto-off timer.

Take action now to enjoy all the features of this Evledev Smart Lighting experience.

voice control smart led bulb

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