There is always someplace in everyone’s home that you want to change, to bring some small changes and surprises to the living place.

Today we are sharing how to bring a change to the space in your home through strip light. 

Strip light are a popular decorative light that can be installed in homes, offices, restaurants, stores, etc. Tape light is not only provide enough light source, but also can create a good atmosphere. 

Normally, We think that light strips are installed on the ceiling, which is wrong. There are many places in your home with your creativity where you can install a strip light. 

Bathroom mirror with Strip light

 If you paste the strip of lights directly on the mirror, it will be blinding. What’s a good way to do it?

You can use a frosted lamp LED strip cover to cover the light strip and make it appear more professional.

By putting the strip light into the strip cover, the light becomes soft and does not cause any discomfort to the eyes. 

LED light strips directly bring up the class of your home bathroom. 

In fact, in addition to mirrors, you can use the same method for picture frames or anything else that hangs on the wall.

Bathroom mirror with Strip light

LED lights installed on the wall 

There are always some places in the house where there is a gap between the panel and the wall, and this is a good place to put tape light.

If there are some wooden panels on the wall to decorate the home, you can install the LED tape light on the back of the panels, which will give you surprises. The effect of the afterglow from the strip light adds vitality to the whole wall.

LED lights installed on the wall

LED light strip installed behind the piano

The LED light strip installed behind the piano are highly recommended to use the smart dream color LED strip lights. The strip lights have a built-in microphone and can be synchronized with the sound. When you are playing the piano, the LED strip lights will change color and beat with the intensity of the piano. 

strip light installed behind the piano

Dream color light strip use individual IC; these light strips are addressable. A light strip can have different colors and more functional options than other ribbons. These smart strip lights are not too expensive and will bring fun to both adults and children when playing the piano. 

In addition to installation behind the piano, the back of the TV is also a good choice, giving a great theater experience. 

Check below item for more product details, if you are interested.

Under sofa light strip 

Yes, the tape lights installed under Sofa

Install the LED strip on the bottom of the sofa. It’s so cool to control the LED strip under the sofa through the phone. 

Have a party at home, and the sofa will “change color”, which will definitely make your friends shout “oh, my God”!

Under the bed lighting 

What is it like to install a light strip under the bed?

When you choose warm white and turn the brightness to 20%, the atmosphere makes it easier for you to sleep.

Turn the LED lights to purple and pink, and the whole room will be filled with the romance of love

led strip bedroom

In addition, you can throw away your alarm clock. The smart light strip can be set on a timer via your phone to set the light on at 7:00 every day. Replace the noisy alarm clock sound with light and have a good mood every day. 

LED strip lights can be used in many places. Use your imagination to create a different space for your home.