Best Low voltage Led strip lights are a fast-growing lighting product worldwide. Nowadays, various types of low voltage led strip lights are available in the market, such as commercial LED lights, LED flexible strips, AC LED strips, and LED tapes lights. Low voltage LED strips lights are available for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. 

Best Evledev low voltage LED strip lights

Evledev 12V low voltage light strips are perfect for lighting up your home, room, Evledev low voltage LED strip lights to provide warm and soft light and up to 16 million colors for you to choose from. Since the low voltage LED strip lights are transformer driven, you can easily mount the light strips on walls, cabinets, or under counters. Through the flexible connection of the two ends of the light strip, the power supply and LED controller can be connected to light up. You can easily create your own space by cutting between every 3 LEDs along with the cut marks according to the length you use. 

Evledev low voltage LED strip lights can be used in various places such as on top of walls, underneath cabinets, at the bottom of beds, behind combs, behind TVs, etc. Low voltage LED strip lights can be used in a wide range of places, so if you get creative, you can create a different kind of space.

Evledev low voltage strip lights

Features of Evledev low voltage strip lights.

  • The surface of the light strip is safe for children and pets as it does not heat up when the light is used for a long time.
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials, not only energy-saving and environmental protection.
  •  No ultraviolet or infrared radiation, safe and easy to install.
  •  Flexible, easy to bend, suitable for different use scenarios.
  •  Every 3 LEDs can be cut according to the usage requirements.
  • Long life, durable, and energy-saving. The long service life of over 50,000 hours.
  • The strip light is transformer driven and has a life span of 50,000 hours, 10 times longer than other high voltage LED strips.

Evledev RGB LED strip lights 

Evledev RGB LED strip lights to connect to the smart LED controller, easily turning ordinary light strips into intelligent ones. Not only can you control them from your smartphone, but you can also connect them to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, for voice control. 

The APP allows you to pick up to 16 million colors according to your mood to change the color of the strip light. Perfect for balconies, stairs, under cabinets, and more. Using Evledev RGB LED strip lights at your party will add more color to your party. The strip lights will sync perfectly with the music, use your favorite colors, and turn the room into a stylish space. The built-in microphone and sound activation technology will ensure that your lights reflect the party’s mood or complement your favorite music. 

With 3M adhesive backing, Evledev RGB LED strip lights can be easily attached and mounted to any surface. The powerful, functional design, completely safe voltage, and low heat will give you the best return on investment ever!

32.8 ft LED Music strip lights

Evledev RGB light strips feature

  • Easy to use: Simply peel and stick anywhere you want.
  • 16 million color choices: Create a more relaxed or vibrant atmosphere.
  • 20 lighting modes: choose from fade in and fade out, flash, and more.
  • Customizable brightness: from 0% brightness to 100%.
  • Dimmable lighting with programmable timer function.
  • 65.8-foot LED strip: perfect for wrapping around furniture, cabinets or other hard-to-reach areas.

How to choose the best low voltage LED strip lights

 To choose a low voltage LED strip light,  you need to understand the types and specifications of low voltage LED strip lights. Then you can compare them according to your requirements and budget. 

A low voltage light strip has more advantages than traditional lighting. First of all, the use of ordinary incandescent or fluorescent bulbs in homes and businesses is now being phased out. They are known to be extremely energy inefficient and are gradually being replaced by more energy-efficient low voltage LED bulbs. 

Buying LED strips light is all about saving energy and making sure the cost is affordable. A good light strip should be made of high-quality materials and have a long life. 

Are all LED strips light low voltage?

 There are high voltage light strips and low voltage light strips on the market, high voltage light strips are usually used for engineering, large outdoor wall decoration, etc. 

Low voltage strips lights are suitable for home, office, and other different scenarios. LED strips are usually 12V or 24V, depending on the length and brightness of the strip. 12V LED strips lights are ideal for home use, safe, and easy to install.