A smart home is the most popular in these years. From the beginning of tens of thousands of dollars to build a smart home, now you can enjoy the convenience of smart devices with a few hundred or tens of dollars. 

How to do it? This article will let you know how simple, fast, low budget to create a smart home is! 

Let’s start with a simple simulation of the scenario


In the morning

6:00 a.m. The toaster and coffee machine start preparing breakfast.

At 6:30 am, you are still sleeping, the heating equipment in the bathroom and the water heater start to work. All of the above is done through the smart socket, which works at a preset time.

At 7:00 a.m., the smart LED strip light installed under the bed emits a soft warm light, replacing the noisy bell to remind you that it is time to wake up.

Away-from-home mode

Every time you go out, you have to check if the lights are off in every room, or remember that you forgot to turn off the lights after you left the house in a hurry, and that’s when you need the smart light bulb.

Coming home mode

Open the door, and the smart light bulb has been turned on at the scheduled time to welcome you back.

After dinner, the bedroom smart bulb is set to reading mode, turn on the music, in a comfortable environment to start to belong to your reading journey.

Sleep mode

“Alexa, turn off the bedroom lights”
The bedroom smart light bulb will turn off as if they heard your command. In the cold winter, hiding under the covers, you are probably happier than hearing “good night” because you no longer have to brave the cold to get out of bed to turn off the lights.

In addition, through the APP, you can check the situation of all the WiFi light bulbs in the house, no longer run up and down to turn off or check whether the lights are off.

Entertainment mode

On weekends, meet with friends to enjoy the time together. When you turn on the music, the lights of the smart LED strip light will beat the rhythm of the music, adding a different color to your gathering time.

Smart Home Devices

To realize the above smart life scenario, you only need to pay a small cost.

First, you need to download Evledev APP, which is necessary to control Evledev smart home, actually, it is equivalent to a mobile console.

Second, smart devices are: smart bulbs, smart strips light, smart sockets

Third, Amazon Alexa or Google Home (this is for voice control, if you only need APP control, you do not need to equip this smart speaker)

Evledev smart light bulb

Evledev smart light bulbs are embedded in the traditional light bulbs based on the smart chip, so you can easily change the old light bulbs at home directly, without any changes to the light socket and switch.

When you change all the bulbs in your home to Evledev smart LED bulbs, you can set up a group in the APP to control all the Evledev smart light bulbs in your phone. You can see which room’s light is on through the APP and no longer need to check each room.

Features of Evledev smart light bulbs

Evledev smart LED bulb can achieve many smart functions

. Timer function

Use the APP to set the time of day when the bulb turns on and off. Even if you are out of town or traveling, you can still control when the bulb turns on or off from your phone. This can create the illusion that someone is in the house to prevent burglars from entering.

. Adjusting light bulb dimming

There is no need to install an additional dimmer to adjust the bulb’s brightness, as the Evledev WiFi smart bulb can be adjusted the brightness through the APP.

. 16 million colors

Usually, the light bulbs we use at home are white or warm white.
Do you want to bring some change to the atmosphere of your home?

Evledev smart WiFi bulbs are a wise choice for you.

With the App you can pick the color you want, whether it’s for a party or a gathering with friends, the ambiance of your home is under your control.

If 16 million colors can not meet you, don’t miss the color function of Evledev smart bulb. Put your mobile phone lens to the object, the smart light bulb will become the same color as this item. You will definitely can’t help but say “OH, my god.”

This is the Evledev smart light bulb to bring you an intelligent experience. 

There are many more smart functions for you to explore, please click the below image for more product inquiries.

7W smart light bulb

The function of the smart light strip is similar to the smart light bulb, using the same app control. Please check this article for more information about smart light strips.
Quick Guide of Smart LED Strip Lights

Evledev smart dreamcolor LED strip lights

In the market, some smart settings still need to build smart Hub to connect all the smart devices, which is also a lot of expenditure. But with Evledev’s smart devices, you can save this expense because Evledev’s smart bulbs, smart strips, etc. are all connected via WiFi and can be used directly.

In the same app, you can control all Evledev smart bulbs and smart strips and smart sockets, thus forming a small smart home system.

Each smart bulb is less than $20, and the strip only costs $50, The total cost is within 100.

Take action now; let’s enjoy the smart life!