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Best LED Strip Lights Buying Guide

The following article is for users, whether you have bought light strips or not, the following content will allow users to better understand light strips and buy the right ones for their projects.

What is LED strip lights?

LED strip lights are assembled on a ribbon-shaped FPC or PCB board and connected to a power supply to emit light shaped like a ribbon. LED strip lights can be applied in different scenes and are green and environmentally friendly, which are popular among users in these years.

LED strip lights are routinely divided into two types: flexible LED strip lights and rigid LED light strips.

1. Flexible LED strip lights use FPC to do assembly circuit board, assembled with SMD LEDs, which does not take up space to use. The LED light strip can be cut off or extended without affecting the light. Because the FPC material is soft, can be arbitrarily bent, and is suitable for irregular places or small space.

2.Rigid LED light strips is made of PCB hardboard to assemble circuit board, processing and installation are more convenient, but it can’t be bent at will, not suitable for use in irregular places.

smart LED strip

Smart LED Strip Lights

RGB LED strip

RGB LED Strip Lights

smart led strip lights

RGBIC LED Strip Lights

16.4ft LED strip lights

Evledev Music RGB LED Strip Lights (16.4ft)



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LED Music strip lights

Evledev Alexa RGB Color Changing LED Strip Light (32.8ft)



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Evledev WiFi RGB LED Strip Lights (65.6ft)

Evledev WiFi RGB LED Strip Lights (65.6ft)



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Dreamcolor led strip lights

Evledev WiFi Smart Dreamcolor LED Strip Lights Kit (16.4ft)



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Evledev Music Sync Dreamcolor Light strip (32.8ft)

Evledev Music Sync Dreamcolor Light strip (32.8ft)



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Advantages of LED strip lights

  • Soft and flexible, it can be curled at will.
  • It can be cut off or extended.
  • Waterproof and non-waterproof options, suitable for different scenes.
  • Not easy to break, long lifetime.
  • It can make different graphics suitable for different scenes, such as restaurants, hotels, homes, etc.

How long is the lifespan of the strip?

LED strip are not easy to break; under regular use, the service life of LED strip lights is about 30,000-50,000 hours.

Can LED strip lights be cut?

LED strip can be cut, you must be in the strip lights marked cut place to cut.
If you cut the location is not in the marked place, it will lead to a group of light beads do not light.

cutting led light strip

Where do I place LED strips in my home?

1. Under the kitchen cabinet

The body will block some light when cooking, causing the working area to be dark first. Installing Kitchen LED Strip Lights underneath kitchen cabinets provides lighting for the kitchen counter and creates additional ambiance.

We recommend purchasing white or warm white for the LED tape light installed in this area.

2. Bathroom

We recommend using a waterproof LED strip lights for the first use in the bathroom. Put the strip light on the back of the mirror in the bathroom; this hidden light source will evenly distribute the light and prevent shadows. The light source behind the mirror outlines the mirror stand out from the wall, adding a sense of hierarchy.

3. Ceiling

LED strip light ceiling have two roles; one is to play the role of lighting, the other role is decorative, visually will appear to be a greater sense of space.

4. Shoe cabinet

Install strip lights at the bottom of the shoe cabinet; when people enter the door, the lamp will automatically light up so that people have a sense of home once they enter the door, good-looking and practical.

5. Wardrobe

LED lights do not take up space that can be well hidden in the edge of the closet as auxiliary lighting.

6. TV or computer back

Install the color changing LED strip lights behind the TV or computer. When watching movies or playing games, the RGB light strip will change with the rhythm of the music to increase the atmosphere.

7. LED Strip Lights for Bedroom

If you want to upgrade your bedroom and bring a fresh feeling, we suggest installing a smart LED strip lights under the bed. With the APP, you can set the time for the light strip to light up every day, and when you wake up, the smart LED light strip installed under the bed will light up from below. The ordinary bedroom immediately becomes a comfortable and cozy bedroom.