There is no question that smart home is getting more popular. According to,smart home market rapid growth, The worldwide revenue of US$78.8 billion in 2020 is expected to increase to US$207.8 billion by 2026.

The numbers are mean that many people will be buying a smart home device for the first time in the near future. Smart LED strip lights is one of the most popular smart home device. But how do you know what’s kind of smart LED strip lights will work for you?

We have decided to make life easier, smarter if you are wondering how to choose a LED Strip lights for yourself. In this article, we look at what is the best smart LED strip lights and what can you do with your smart WiFi LED strip light.

What is an Smart LED Strip Light?

The smart home industry is growing rapidly, and many products in life are beginning to change in the direction of intelligence. One of the popular smart products is the smart WiFi strip light.

Based on the original LED light strip, a smart LED controller is connected. Through Wi-Fi / Bluetooth technology, the tape light luminous color change, dimmable, can control the color change, can choose monochrome, RGB, Dream color effect, realize the dimming, intelligent gradient, scene mode, intelligent timing and other functions, bring people colorful visual effects and convenience. 

The RGB LED strip light controlled by smartphone is a highlight of the smart light strip. Whether at home or in the office, you can control your bedroom LED strip light, bringing you unprecedented convenience.

What can you do with your Smart LED Strip Light?

Smart strip light brings a lot of convenience to our life.

  • It can be used as traditional lighting, but also can be adjusted to your satisfaction with the brightness of the control, energy saving and long life!
  • 16 million colors to choose from, to meet all the needs of color, take a picture of the color!
  • Wi-Fi smart scenes can be controlled remotely, with APP and smart bulbs, smart downlights, etc. to achieve easy linkage
  • Easy to operate, smartphone APP is also a remote control
  • Smart lighting and music together, music melody and light synchronization
  • 3 control methods, there are APP control, Voice control and IR remote control.
    Smart WiFi strip light supports multiple voice system control, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Iphone Siri and IFTTT.
    Through the mobile app, you can set different scenes, music modes, lights.
    For direct control, you can use infrared controller

What kinds of smart light strips are there?

In terms of color, smart light strips can be divided into RGB LED strips, RGBW LLED strips and RGBIC LED strips.

According to the different connection methods, they are divided into WiFi light strip and Bluetooth light strip. With the upgrade of the product, the LED controller is embedded with both WIFI module and Bluetooth module, so it can switch between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signal to control the strip.

The following item can be controlled by WIFI and Bluetooth.



What is the difference between RGB strip lights and RGBIC strip lights?

RGB LED strip light

RGB LED strip light is composed of red, green and blue chips, according to the lighting principle, you can adjust the static color of any color, adjust the jump and gradient color.

Alexa strip light


RGBIC LED strip light

The newly upgraded RGBIC illumination intelligent strip light has an independent IC chip, and the light color of each part can be set by APP, so that the strip light can display many different colors at the same time. Each strip is like a rainbow light show, making you shine. Especially suitable for installation at the bottom of the bed, behind the work table, the bottom of the sofa, etc., to create a wave of warm, relaxing atmosphere, adding more vivid and interesting vitality to your home.

evledev led tape lights