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Evledev Music RGB LED Strip Lights (16.4ft)



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Evledev WiFi RGB LED Strip Lights (65.6ft)



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What is the difference between RGB LED Light Strip and RGBIC LED Light Strip?

The LED on an RGB strip is made up of three chips, red, green, and blue, which can emit red, green, and blue colors individually. The three colors are mixed to produce millions of colors, and these mixed colors contain almost all the colors perceived by human vision, presenting a colorful and vibrant world of colors. RGB LED strip lights are connected with RGB LED controllers to become a smart RGB LED light strip with APP control.

The RGBIC LED Light Strip has an independent IC, and a strip light can display multiple colors at the same time. The color of each section can be controlled through the APP. It is important to note that RGBIC strips cannot be cut.

    RGBIC VS RGB Strip Lights

      Advantages of RGB flexible LED strip lights

      • RGB flexible LED strip lights can be cut to the length you want according to the use of the scene, suitable for installation in irregular spaces or corners.
      • By adjusting the brightness to 1% through the APP, the RGB LED Strip can also illuminate the room and create a romantic atmosphere.
      • With its pure, soft, and non-glare light color, the 5050 RGB LED strip can be used for decorative purposes as well as lighting purposes to meet the needs of different customers.
      • By connecting the LED strip controller, 16 million colors can be selected.
      • Wide range of 12v RGB LED Strip for Room, Ceiling Home Kitchen, bathroom, etc.
      • Easy to install, RGB 12v strip light is easy to install on different objects by simply putting adhesive tape on the back. It is also easy to connect to the power supply.

      How to choose RGB strip lights

      . RGB strip light should be uniform

      The brightness of the lamp beads should be consistent with each other, which is determined by the quality of the LED chip. Light up the strip light and observe whether the strip emits light evenly.

      . The brightness of the beginning and end of the RGB LED strip light should be the same

      The strip light was operated by adaptor; when the adaptor voltage drop is relatively large, the brightness of the first and last of the light strip will be inconsistent.

      . RGB light strip color to be consistent

      . The color temperature of the RGB LED strip is very important for the entire scene use

      The color temperature of 3000 k is suitable for the home; For the office, a higher color temperature can be chosen, such as white or cool white.

      Different scenes using different color temperature is indeed able to increase the atmosphere, but if you install a smart RGB strip light, you can pick any different color temperature to use.

      . Buy waterproof LED strip light and non-waterproof RGB strips light according to your needs

      Waterproof music rope lighting are rated IP65 or IP67/IP68 and are made of silicone, protecting the strip components from dust and moisture. Waterproof LED strips are a bit expensive but are a must for any project outdoors or near water.

      . For the safety, it is recommended to use power operated by strip light, such as 12V LED strip lights or 24V LED light strip.