Tiktok will become the next Youtube, and it has become a consensus. Many people use the Tiktok platform to showcase their talent, life, work, etc. Tiktok is a platform that provides so many opportunities for wealth creation. Many KOLs have already made their first million through Tiktok and started their own companies. 

Charli D’Amelio, a 17-year-old girl, earned $17.5 million in 2021, making her the highest-paid KOL, and her income is higher than the annual income of many corporate CEOs.

Charli D’Amelio

Image from Charli D’Amelio

Suppose you want to make your first million through Tiktok. In that case, you have to provide users with valuable videos, produce quality content, post the content on Tiktok, and attract followers, and when the number of followers is large, you can take ads. It means more followers and more money. 

Whether doing Tiktok videos or getting started live streaming, you need to prepare the related tools, a good shooting environment, etc., to create quality content.

Many Tiktokers post different styles and contents of videos to the Tiktok every day. The environment is also a very important factor in making the content unique and innovative. One of the tools that many Tiktokers use is the Tiktok lights.

The Tiktok lights are LED strip lights. As many Tiktoker installs LED strip lights on their live stream room, call Tiktok lights. 

How the smart Tiktok lights make your live stream room different 

The smart Tiktok lights have 16 million color choices. You can change the color according to your live theme of the day, as simple as changing clothes, but it can give your followers a fresh feeling.

Tiktok lights

If you need some sense of atmosphere during the live broadcast, you can adjust the brightness of your light band through your phone. The color, scene changes can be controlled at any time.

Many Tiktoker will post some dancing videos and install Tiktok lights in the live stream room. The color of the Tiktok lights and the brightness will pulsate with the rhythm of the music. It feels like a personal concert in the same.

The other tools for live stream

Ring Light

Live streaming equipment, in addition to good filming equipment, ring lights have become a necessity to increase the atmosphere.

ring lights

LED Video Lights

The LED video lights can be changed the presence of light on portraits, products, still life, etc., in the live streaming room to make it brighter and more atmospheric.

LED video lights

Tiktok lights to create a professional live stream room for you; you will enjoy it.