LED strip have become more and more popular over the years. Many Tiktokers will install the LED strip in the room for live broadcast; some people will put the LED strip on the back of the table or TV, and the light pulses with the sound intensity to add atmosphere. LED strip have become more and more popular. This article shares the knowledge about LED strip.

What are the pros of LED strip?

. Save energy and reduce electricity consumption

Strip light are popular because they consume less power than other LED technologies. The power of LED lights is 90% more efficient than other types of lights, making them more cost-effective without having to worry about incurring large electricity bills. 

. The diversity of strip light colors

RGB light strip are available in a wider range of colors than other fixtures. In addition to the standard warm white, cool white, and other traditional colors, there are up to 16 million colors to choose from for RGB strip light connected to a RGB LED controller. There is always a color to please you. 

. Save

LED strip are long-lasting and consume less energy so that you can save more on your lighting costs. 

. The LED tape light is suitable for different places

LED tape light uses a soft FPCB board that can be bent at will without affecting its function, making it suitable for many scenarios, especially in irregular use scenarios. 

. Cuttable

Flexible led strip lights can be cut is one of the features, and in the lighting industry, there are very few lighting fixtures that can be cut. 

. Safety

12v LED strip lights is driven by a transformer. The supply voltage is between 12V-24V, safer than a high voltage power supply, especially for home use. 

. Reduce heat generation

LED tape lights use LED beads. The heat emitted by LEDs is much less than traditional incandescent lamps. LEDs are not like incandescent lamps that radiate infrared and ultraviolet light. 

. Less environmental pollution

LED strip lights is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving lamp and lantern, does not contain metal mercury, and will not cause damage to the environment.

LED strip lights to use environmentally friendly materials, stable quality; when the strip lights are damaged or aging, they can be recycled. 

LED strip light beads are particle layouts. The product light is scattered and rarely produces light pollution.

LED Strip

Can you cut the LED strip?

Most LED strip are 16.8ft to 65.8ft in length. Will the LED strip still work if I cut it to the length I need?

Yes, you can rest assured that the LED strips will continue to work after they are cut, as long as they are cut on the specified cut line. This is where the strip light is superior to other lighting or decorative fixtures. The LED strip comprises several circuits in a parallel structure, with each cut line delineating a group of circuits. If you cut elsewhere in the strip light, it will cause the whole LED strip to stop working, Please note this point.

Is all LED strip cuttable?


. For constant voltage, 12v LED strip lights can be cut.

. For Constant current LED strip lights, it is without resistors to working with constant current adapters or power supplies, so it cannot be cut; otherwise, the transformer will be too hot for the rest of the strip lights, and the strip lights will not work.

. Some high voltage 120V LED strips also can not be cut, and you need to confirm with the seller before buying.

Do LED strip last forever?

Best LED stirp lights are known for their long life, while LED strip lights use LED chips. LEDs have an average lifetime of 50,000 hours, about 50 times longer than incandescent and fluorescent lamps. If the light strip is used for 12 hours a day, it will last for more than 11 years.

LED strips to disperse heat over the entire length of the strip, so they don’t get hot, which means LED strips are more efficient and last longer than LED bulbs.

Many factors determine the lifespan of LED strip

The material used, such as the LED chip, FPBC.

Heat dissipation design, determines the working temperature and expected life of the LED tape lights; If the LED tape lights heat dissipation effect is poor, high-temperature work will greatly shorten its service life.

The frequency and method of using LED tape lights.

Why do my LED strip turn off by themselves?

There are three aspects involved here
. The LED controller connected to the LED light strip is malfunctioning.

. The power supply exceeds the power capacity.
If the power supply/transformer used is more than 3-5 years old and is used in an area with poor air circulation, it increases the chance of power supply/transformer failure.

When the LED light strip requires more power than the power supply/transformer can provide, the light strip will overheat, resulting in the power supply/transformer shutting down.

Failure of the LED strip
Problems with the components of the LED strip itself cause the strip lights to require more power than expected and continue to heat up, resulting in the LED strip turning itself off.

Do LED strip lights for room get hot?

LED light strips will generate a little heat, but you will not feel it. Because LED strip lights use LED chips, which convert the least amount of energy into heat, and the LEDs used in LED strip lights are very small, the heat output is very small.

Some people think that LED light strips for room will be like an oven to heat up the room, which is not true.

You do not have to worry about LED strip will increase the room’s temperature.

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Are strip light harmful to your skin?


The light emitted by LED strip lights is UV-free and safe for all skin tones to use.

Can I light up my strip lights on all night?

Basically: Yes. 

Please be careful not to leave poor quality and cheap LED strip lights unattended for long periods.

The cheap strip lights will be hot and may cause a fire if used for long periods. As Manufacturers make cheap strip lights to save money, and their heat dissipation efficiency is poor.

The best advice is to see how hot the LED strips are after 6 hours of operation to prevent accidents.

Usually, you can’t leave the lights on all night either, and it’s too much of a waste of electricity.

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Can LED strip brighten a room?

LED strips are one of the popular lighting fixtures that you can’t live without, and you will enjoy it very much.


The strip light is more and more popular. There are many functions after strip lights connected to an LED controller, such as changing your room ambiance via simple voice instructions; Led lights flashing along with music beats; Pick from 16 million colors to decorate your rooms. 

Lighting has changed. It’s now smart, and it’s now connected. It can now turn on when you enter a room or turn off when you’re not home.