This article summarizes the latest knowledge you need to know before purchasing LED Strip Lights in 2022. Here you can find the answers you need to quickly understand and buy the LED Strip Lights you want to add a different dimension to your life.

LED Strip Lights is fantastic decorative lighting that can be connected and cut to use. Can do both ambient lighting and lighting fixtures. It is very easy to use and popular among different users.

Can I connect two different brands of LED Strip Lights?

  • Generally, as long as the two LED strips have the same voltage or amperage, they can be connected. However, it should be noted that two different brands of LED strips may not emit the same speed and color.
  • For the addressable LED strips, you have to pay attention. You can connect two different brands if both strip lights use the same type of IC. WS2811 together, but it can not mix WS2812b with WS2811, which won’t be available.
  • If the two strip lights are at different voltages, the strip is not working correctly and may cause damage to the strip. When you connect, make sure to connect the positive and negative directions is correct; the connector will have the positive and negative symbol marks.
  • Although different brands of light strips can be connected to use, due to different manufacturers of LED manufacturing methods being different, the quality also varies. When combining other brands of light strips, one of them may be lost faster, or the brightness will be dimmed.
Evledev low voltage strip lights

Can different color LED strips be connected together?

Different color light strips can be connected together. As long as the voltage and current used by each light strip are the same, they can be used together.

For example, two 5-meter-long 12V strips, both with DC 12 voltage, can be connected together.

Connecting LED Strips in “Series” vs. “Parallel”

One Series

The idea of connecting two LED light strip sections is probably the most logical and straightforward way.
The basic feature of a series circuit is that the current on all the LED light strip beads is equal, so the difference in power between each bead is equal to the difference in their voltage. In a series circuit, if one strip stops working, the other strip stops working.


Parallel Connection

Using the parallel connection method, the voltage of each LED strip lighting is the same, and when one LED strip lighting fails to light up, the other LED strip lighting will stay on. When you connect multiple strips with a parallel circuit when one strip fails, the current will be transferred to the other strips, and the battery will not change much.


How many LED strips can I connect?

Low voltage LED strips are usually 10 meters or 5 meters each. The longer the number of LED strips connected by the same power supply, the darker the strip’s brightness. As the current cannot reach the LED strip’s end, the end will be darker, and the brightness of the whole LED strip will be inconsistent.

Many people may tell you that as long as the power supply has sufficient power supply capacity, you can connect many strips of lights. For home users, connecting 2 to 3 LED strips will be fine. If too many LED strips are connected, there will be a safety hazard.

Is all LED strip lighting cuttable?

Not all light strips can be cut. Some 120V high voltage light strips are not cuttable, so you must confirm this with the seller before buying.

The regular light strips sold in the market are all cuttable, such as 12V and 24V light strips.
Take the 12v LED strip lights as an example; every 3 LEDs are cut along the cutting mark without damaging other parts. Its 12V working voltage and very low heat make it touchable and safe for children and pets.

cutting led strip lights

How do I choose the best-LED strip lights for my home?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right tape lights, including wattage, light color, wire length, and installation instructions. It would help to consider several factors to get better results after installation.

  • First, you must decide what type of lighting you need: general lighting or specific lighting.
  • Consider the size of your project or the size of the space being used.
  • Where are you planning to install the strip lighting?
    LED Tape Light can be installed in different places, such as behind TV cabinets, kitchen cabinets, under the bed, etc. This is a very effective way to change the ambience of your home solution.
  • What colors of strip lights are suitable for home use?
    In-home use, the light strip color tends to use warm white light (2700K-3000K) or neutral, cool white (4000K and 5000K). These three color temperatures can bring a calm, warm atmosphere to the home.

To meet the needs of users, the market is now launched in the smart light strip; Through the APP control, pick a different color temperature, up to 16 million colors to choose from. That means a smart light strip can be changed to warm white light or white light to match your mood so that the atmosphere of your home has more options.

Evledev WiFi RGB LED Strip Lights (65.6ft)

Can I leave LED strip lights on all night?

Basically: Yes
LED strip lights use LEDs, which produce much less heat than incandescent or fluorescent lamps. LEDs consume 6W, which is equivalent to a 60W bulb.

In addition, the LEDs used in the strip are long-lived, with an average life of several years and good heat dissipation.

Please note: You need to pay more attention to the cheap/bad quality strips. Cheap light strips may not perform well in heat dissipation, and with long-term use, the strip may become quite hot and cause a fire. It is recommended to run them for 6 hours first as an evaluation.

Can LED strips light up a room?

Of course, you can.

Before using the strip light, you need to know the voltage and current required for your strip light. You can also buy a complete set of strip lights, power supply, LED controller, etc. To keep the life of the LED from being affected, you should use a constant current driver.

The environment should also be ventilated to provide enough space for the strip to dissipate heat. Excessive heat will also shorten the strip’s life and cause color changes.

led strip bedroom

Do LED strip lights use a lot of electricity?

LED strip lights save electricity compared to other lights.

LED is currently the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting category, consuming about 80% less energy than incandescent lamps with the same luminous efficiency and about 40% less than energy-saving lamps. It can be luminous color variable, dimmable, control the color change, choose monochrome and RGB effects, and bring the environment colorful and colorful visual effects.

LEDs use a low-voltage power supply, and the supply voltage is between 3 and 24V. Depending on the product, there are also a few DC36V, DC40V, etc. The low-voltage strip light is a safer power supply than using a high-voltage power supply, especially suitable for public places and home use.

From the perspective of power-saving, LED strip lights are superior to LED bulbs. For example, a kitchen using 40W costs about 0.6 cents per hour.

Can LED strip lights be used outdoors?

Some strip lights can be used outdoors, and it depends on their waterproof of rated.
When the strip lights are waterproof up to IP65/IP67/IP68, they can be used outdoors.

When installing a strip light outside, you also need to consider whether the light will be too bright and affect the neighbours, such as light pollution.

outdoor led strip lights

Which LED light color is best for the eyes?

The eyes are essential to everyone, and we all need to protect them. When selecting a strip light, the color temperature and the coloring index are two factors to consider.

Usually, cooler LEDs have higher lumens, which will stress the eyes, while warm LEDs give a warm feeling, which will be pleasant and good for the eyes.

The coloring Index refers to the clarity of the object under the light. A good quality strip lights have a high color rendering index, presenting the object in natural light.

The drawing-room or living room is more suitable for a warm white light strip, while the kitchen and dining area can be considered with cool white LED.


Hope this article can give you a deeper understanding of light strips. If you have other questions, you can contact us.

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