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Smart LED Strip Lights

Smart LED Strip Lights is a kind of smart product which connected to a LED controller. You can control your smart LED Strip Lights through your smartphone, smart speaker. Smart light strip break the limitations of traditional light strips and open a smart life for you. Smart light strip is suitable for home, bedroom, home, and party decoration, room, kitchen cabinet, etc.,

Advantages of best smart LED strip lights

LED smart light strips APP Control

APP is compatible with IOS and Android systems, easy and convenient to operate, and it can add more colors to your life.

Color Changing LED light strip

On the APP, there are more than 16 million colors to choose from. According to your use of the scene or party, pick your favorite color. You can also select the color of your favorite objects through the phone lens, and the strip lights will change accordingly.

Timer LED strip lights

You can set the smart strip lights to turn on automatically and off the time, and even replace your noisy alarm clock with soft lights. This is the same principle as Zuckerberg invented a new alarm clock that does not show the time to his wife.

It is best not to be awakened by the alarm clock in the early morning, you can choose to let the smart light strip wake you up slowly and let your body wake up naturally. It could help users get better sleep and carry out a good day.

Music Sync RGB Smart LED Strip Lights

Do you want to have a strip of lights that can “dance”?
Then you should not miss the music Sync RGB smart LED strip lights.
Music-activated LED strip kits to change color by capturing the surrounding sound through the phone’s microphone. You can also press the music played by the phone; the color and brightness of the strip lights change with the music.

WiFi & Bluetooth LED strip light

Smart LED strip lights can be controlled by WiFi signal and Bluetooth. Even in a room without a WiFi signal, you can still use Bluetooth to control the smart strip light.

16.4ft LED strip lights

Evledev Music RGB LED Strip Lights (16.4ft)



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LED Music strip lights

Evledev Alexa RGB Color Changing LED Strip Light (32.8ft)



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Evledev WiFi RGB LED Strip Lights (65.6ft)

Evledev WiFi RGB LED Strip Lights (65.6ft)



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Dreamcolor led strip lights

Evledev WiFi Smart Dreamcolor LED Strip Lights Kit (16.4ft)



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Evledev Music Sync Dreamcolor Light strip (32.8ft)

Evledev Music Sync Dreamcolor Light strip (32.8ft)



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Can Alexa control Smart LED Strip Lights?

Yes, Smart light strip is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and IFTT. Easily control your WiFi LED strip light by voice, truly free your hands.

The control method of smart light strip

  • Remote control
  • APP control
  • Voice control

Can you cut smart led strip lights?

Yes, but make sure the strip lights you buy are cuttable; not all of them are cuttable.

Can the LED strips light be connected?

Yes, two LED lights strips of the same type can be connected, but you must have a matching power supply to make sure you have enough power.

How to control your LED strip lights by smart phone?

Check out the video below to learn more about how smart LED strip lights work.