It’s time to decorate your place with the most beautiful and smart Best Evledev LED strip lights, which can be used to decorate anywhere in your home. 

Superior Quality & Easy Installation: Evledev LED strip lights length 16.4ft with 90 LED lights. Features remote controller and 12V power adaptor for easy operation. Excellent heat dissipation, extremely low-heat, touchable and safe for children. Strong self-adhesive, can be easily stuck to almost any dry surface, App control LED strip lights.

Bring your home theater to life with some help from the smart Evledev LED strip lights. The light strip is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can control it with the App or through the included remote control for full customization. 

The Evledev LED strip lights is a color LED strip kit with strong adhesive, a control box and wireless remote control. The unique dream color effect, beat following, or music synchronized flashing function creates a romantic and warm atmosphere. The Evledev RGB desktop light supports 16 million colors to change the color to meet your needs on different occasions. 

The Evledev light strips are the best solution for decoration, lighting and mood-setting. They perform well in various environments, including under cabinets, behind TVs, inside PC cases, table and bed decoration, etc. The wireless LED controller plus music synchronization allows you to control the lights with various options. The Evledev light strip is made with the latest LED technology and flexible material that can be attached to any surface. The Evledev LED lights strip can also be cut every 3 LEDs.

Evledev is the brand with quality for strip lights! 

Evledev LED strip lighting are rigorously tested to ensure a long life for you. These multi-color RGB LEDs can be changed by RF remote or APP, the brightness and the speed can be adjusted as well. 

We use the latest technology to manufacture 65.6 feet of low voltage strips. We are proud to offer a wide variety of low voltage strips, perfect for various applications. Our products are UL and ETL approved and are manufactured using the latest technology. 

Evledev light strips are an amazing way to provide colorful accent lighting around your TV, desktop computer or any other object in your home. With a super bright full-spectrum 5050 RGB LED and 2000 lumen output, you’ll be amazed at the quality of this lightbar. Use the simple app to set colors, scenes and more. Lights sync with your music and games to create a whole new experience.

Evledev LED Strip Lights for Gaming Tables

Evledev gaming lights add atmosphere to your room and are the most affordable and easy to use the device. Evledev’s light strip can be bent at will, and the sticker on the back can be taped to the underside of your computer desk.

Evledev game strip, controlled by APP, allows you to easily customize the color, the way the light bounces, etc., to customize a strip of your own. Whether you’re new to gaming or an experienced gamer, this customizable LED strip game can take your gaming experience to a new level with the best Evledev game light.

Evledev Smart RGB Strip lights for Desk

Mount Evledev smart RGB strip lights on your desk to make your desk and walls look great. This 32.8-inch Evledev LED strip lights product is built with care. The strip lights can be customized with up to 16 million colors with high brightness and saturation to add a different color to your home.

Use the APP to turn on/off and change the color of the strip lights from anywhere, or experience unprecedented convenience with voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.